Lonely Island Chat

So, now that Lonely Island’s new album, Turtleneck and Chain, has been released, I decided it’d be a good idea to post something on the guys. Big Al had a convo with rap expert and music fan Jonathan Buchanan on the topic of not only the new album, but what Lonely Island has brought to rap itself. Jon has his own blog over at Life of a Successful One as well as contributes to 3 Tech.

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Bands We Love to Hate, Part Deux

Aight, Chris’s response finally getting posted has pushed me, Big Al Wheat, to post mine as well.

Now, I hate a lot of bands. A lot. Part of the problem was deciding who was gonna be one of the Illustrious 3. Number 1 was never any doubt in my book (and if you know me, you can probably already predict it). Number 2 may even be easy to predict. Number 3 was a harder decision. I thought about Pink Floyd, who’s “Comfortably Numb” may be one of my least favorite songs ever. But Floyd still have several songs I do enjoy listening to, such as “Wish You Were Here.” So I couldn’t, in good conscious, do it to them. The Beatles are another band in that group, although I don’t know if I “hate” the Beatles anymore. I don’t like them, I do like a few songs, but I also respect them at the very least. Then there are a myriad of bands that I hate, but just don’t matter enough to make the list. They won’t be here longer than another week because they are fads. Bands and artists such as Fall Out Boy, Justin Bieber, Panic! At the Disco, and more. They just don’t matter enough to be my hated bands. I need bands that have existed long enough and been thrown in my face enough that hatred has festered and grown. So, without further adieu, my most hated bands:

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Bands We Love to Hate

So here we go, it’s been a while, but we have a post to keep you entertained. I asked a round table question the other day on the bands we all hate. I never got around to doing mine, nor did everyone other than Chris Mills. So here is Chris’s response:

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The History of Metal, Part 1: The Beginnings (1964-ish to 1967)

by Big Al Wheat

As the resident metal expert here at Sonic Arsenal, I’ve always wanted to do a “History of Metal” type thing. I once put together a song list that really followed the progression of metal for a friend of mine; I don’t think we ever actually made it (it would have been roughly 8 or so CDs long) but it was cool and I’ve always wanted to continue that. Now, with a music medium that a share with others, I’m going to do so, but in pieces. Don’t want you to have to sit here and read for three days.

Also, I’m going to do the history of metal, not the history of rock. Sure, I could start back with Robert Johnson and before, and trace rock through its blues roots on to the 8 million genres and sub-genres we have today. But I’m good; I wanna focus on metal only. So here, my faithful metal head, horn wielding, head banging, moshing friends, is the history of Metal, through the eys of yours truly.

(disclaimer: A lot of this is just based on my own knowledge and some, although very little, may be opinion-based as well. I think it always will be when concerning music and what fits in which genre. I will link some sites I use, including *gasp* Wikipedia. But this isn’t a professional/educational paper, dammit! It’s entertainment!)

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